Web Design and Development

Intervals was born out of tracking web development work. Originally developed as an internal solution for Santa Barbara, CA based Pelago. Intervals excels at tracking all the efforts needed to launch websites, build web applications, handle maintenance retainers, field work requests, and more while keeping detailed track of where your time is going.

Wrangle in large projects through better task management

Web site projects tend to change in scope as they undergo the design and development stages, challenging even the most seasoned project manager. Intervals gives you the tools to manage the moving pieces with more precision and control by breaking down projects into detailed milestones and tasks while tracking every piece of time. Great for maintenance contracts and seeing how long random customer requests actually take.

Detailed reports and visual dashboards

Intervals provides a number of detailed reports for analyzing team efforts and calculating project profitability. The visual dashboards provide high level, yet meaningful, insight into gauging project health. Reports and dashboards turn meaningful data into a powerful asset for making more informed business decisions and accurate project estimates.

Manage project assets with document support

Keep track of specifications and digital assets — wireframes code snippets, UX diagrams, and more — by uploading them to the relevant project, milestone, or task. Provide your team with the documentation they need to succeed right where they need it the most, as an integral part of their day-to-day workflow.

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