Intervals compared to other Web-based Services

In the realm of web-based services, there are a lot of options being thrown at consumers. It can be overwhelming for anyone looking for the right fit for their small business.

There are several good options in this space, all of them different. These web-based services are not direct competitors to Intervals, they are alternatives, each one representing one company's solution to the project management needs required by small businesses. In other words, there is no one solution, just as there is no one way to manage your projects. You have to find the one that works for you.

To help you evaluate these options, we’ve compiled the following project management software comparison between Intervals and other companies.

Intervals vs. Basecamp

Both Intervals and Basecamp are two different services built to solve common internal struggles faced by their creators. Basecamp is communication centric and does not focus on comprehensive time tracking. Intervals was born from the union of task tracking (with due dates, severity, status, etc.), time tracking, and robust reporting. The focus and intent of the two services is very different. Basecamp is about "communication," while Intervals is focused on workflow, time tracking, and reporting. The Intervals project activity report, where every minute of time and its cash value is accounted for, best illustrates this difference:

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Basecamp™ was built to handle basic collaboration—just one component of running a small business. Intervals was built to solve a more comprehensive problem… helping a small business increase billable hours, keep projects within scope, and learn where their time is going.

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Intervals vs. Wrike

Intervals and Wrike are similar applications, but there are some notable differences. Both applications are geared for teams and include workflow management features for planning and managing projects. For example, both feature Gantt charts for visualizing your current workload, and email integration for reviewing and commenting on recently updated tasks.

Intervals diverges from Wrike with it's time tracking and reporting features. Intervals seamlessly integrates time tracking into the task management process. It's a unique approach that gives teams a comprehensive picture of where exactly there time is going. The reports are flexible and powerful — providing both high level visualizations and low level details of your time and task data.

Intervals vs. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an invoicing app, focused on getting paid painlessly. Collecting money owed is a common problem for small business, and one which Freshbooks has succesfully tackled. And Freshbooks is ideal for small businesses who struggle with using Quickbooks. The primary difference is that Freshbooks' emphasis is on getting paid after the work is done, while Intervals emphasis is on workflow — time tracking, task management, reporting — and includes some lightweight accounting features for billing clients.

Intervals vs. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is primarily a project planning tool. It is very powerful, but is weak when tracking and reporting on projects. If you need resource allocation, resource leveling, and critical paths, use Microsoft Project. If you need more flexibility managing projects, less emphasis on project scheduling, and robust task and time tracking, Intervals is a better fit.

Comparing Microsoft Project to Intervals is difficult because they are so different. It is easier to compare consumer needs. Microsoft Project is best when planning a massive engineering project, with 150 people and the ability to shift project dates if a task takes too long. Intervals is better suited for a small business focused on getting things done, with less than 20 people, a gaggle of details, and a need to track time.

Running your business using web-based project management services is a long term commitment. The important thing to remember when evaluating your options is that one size does not fit all. The options available to you are as diversified and spread out as your needs, so spend time with each one until you find a good fit.

If your needs are tracking and understanding your time, Intervals will be a good fit. Intervals was built to track every minute of time on every task, so you can worry less about getting paid and focus more on your priorities and getting work done.

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Happy Customers & Testimonials

Intervals so far exceeds any other similar products that there’s just no comparison. We previously used BaseCamp™, which is far too basic for what my group needs (and they readily acknowledge it’s not supposed to be everything to everyone). Intervals has allowed my small team of four to take on and manage more work while getting paid more for the work we do. Seeing the item about Intervals in Communication Arts last year was nothing short of a gift from the gods for our little webdev shop—and your support responsiveness has been something we have tried to emulate with our own clients.
go9media Intervals Software as a service Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows
I’ve been using a combination of Basecamp™ & Freshbooks™ to manage my projects and handle my invoicing, for the last six months. The last few days, I’ve been shifting over my projects and have been very impressed with the extra tools & features at Intervals.
AS Design Intervals Software as a service Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows
At the end of the day, the core platform of Basecamp™ did not focus on time, work flow and reporting, which is where Intervals excels. Intervals Software as a service Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows

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