Software Developers

Project and resource management with integrated time tracking. Simple time tracking encourages everyone to track time. Real-data helps improve quality. Milestones align well with Agile methodologies and can be used for sprints. Know exaclty how much time each feature and bug fix take.

Customizable and agile friendly

Intervals provides the platform. You customize the details — task priorities, statuses, categories, and more — to match your workflow. Customizable settings coupled with powerful milestone and task management provide a flexible platform for both traditional and agile development methodologies.

Comprehensive reporting

Analyze software projects with flexible and detailed reports. Intervals reports provide both high level overviews and low level details for every project, task, and time entry. Find out which projects went over budget or fell behind schedule, and which were the most profitable.


No project management software can be all things to all people. Depend on Intervals for the bulk of your project management needs. For the rest, use our RESTful API to build custom tools with complete access your data.

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