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Customizable Project Management Software

Screenshot of the customizable options available in Intervals project management software
Thumbnail image from the video demonstrating personalization features
Running Time: 5:08

Discover the versatility of Intervals, a dynamic project management software platform tailored to your needs. Customize workflows and aesthetics effortlessly. Seamlessly oversee online projects, tasks, and time allocation according to your preferences. From adjusting default colors to uploading your logo and setting personalized work types and hourly rates, Intervals empowers you to make it your own.

Working outside the US? Intervals accommodates over 70 non-US locales for currency and date/time formats. No matter which continent you are operating from, a single site setting will adjust Intervals to match your local currency, date, and time.

Intervals supports unicode characters, including Mandarin & Chinese — emojis, too — ensuring that your data is accurately represented when working with teams and clients in different countries.

Require access to your data for crafting custom reports or functionalities? Leverage the API to tailor your interaction with your Intervals account to your specifications.

Ways to Make Intervals Your Own

  • Reinforce your brand identity by uploading your logo.
  • Tailor your interface using a library of themes, or build your own theme.
  • Implement your own custom CSS for complete control of your experience.
  • Define personalized defaults for work types, hourly rates, task statuses, priorities, and more.
  • Accommodate diverse markets with seamless integration of non-US currencies.
  • Easily adapt to global time zones with support for international date and time formats.
  • Accommodate linguistic diversity with full support for characters including Mandarin and Chinese.