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Intervals is flexible task management platform that integrates time tracking and reporting. Task management features include custom workflows, recurring tasks, detailed task histories, Kanban boards, document sharing, and automated notifications.

Stay ahead of your projects with intelligent task listings that can be filtered and sorted by status, priority, due date, and more.

Additionally, milestones put the power of managing deliverables and critical project deadlines in the palm of your hand. Milestones round out the time tracking and task management process by keeping tasks grouped together in easily managed clusters. Stay on top of deadlines with milestone dashboards and drag-and-drop rescheduling.

Intervals keeps detailed histories on every task, so you can quickly quantify your time and effort with several different reports. You know you’re working hard — let Intervals prove it.

Task Management Highlights

Intervals task management features include recurrence, detailed histories, document sharing, and more…


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