Marketing Agencies

Keep track of tasks and deliverables with a calendar view of all activities. Upload pictures, screenshots, and documents in one place for each project. Better communication for revisions and iterations with approvals. Effortless time tracking and report generation. Know where all of your time is going.

Better campaign management

Manage campaigns with ease using milestones and calendar views. When coupled with powerful task management, milestones are a powerful tool for meeting deadlines and keeping track of all the campaign to dos.

Track your most precious resources —
people and time

Track time for each person on your team and analyze their productivity on client projects and marketing campaigns. Quickly determine which clients require the most of your agency’s time and resources, and, which clients aren’t receiving enough.

Accountability to clients

Quickly answer client questions about time and budgets with just a few clicks. Intervals let’s you control the amount of transparency you share with your clients, so you can show them exactly where time and money are being spent.

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