Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Intervals is the ideal professional services automation platform for companies that need a better way to manage projects, people, and time. Our unique set of tools track and report every last detail to help you increase utilization, billable time, and profits.

Organize projects effortlessly in one space

Managing one project is hard enough. Managing multiple projects at once can easily overwhelm the most seasoned project manager. Intervals provides a suite of tools to schedule, manage, and track multiple projects with less effort and increased efficiency. Keep track of tasks, documents, people, and more, using customizable workflows and informative dashboards.

Manage your most important resource — people

Before you can schedule projects and delegate tasks to your team, you need to know who's available. Intervals features several scheduling tools — including Gantt charts, resource allocation, and utilization reports — that make it easier to manage and track your team. Companies that employ Intervals as their professional services automation platform will immediately see increased productivity.

Increase margins using detailed time and expense tracking

Find out exactly where your time is going — and where it's not. Track time on projects and tasks with easy-to-use timers, then analyze detailed reports to identify and eliminate waste. Intervals records project expenses and captures every minute so you can gauge profitability mid project and make any adjustments necessary to increase margins before the project ends.

Features most used for professional services automation

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