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Simple project and task creation with timelines. Consistently deliver on large and small projects and keep track of the details. Setup a client and project in minutes. Easily know how much time has been devoted to each task and how much time it actually takes.

Track every billable (and non-billable) hour

Keep track of billable and non-billable time spent on client projects using web-based timers and weekly timesheets. Never again ask the question “where is my time going?” Generate detailed reports to provide a professional level of accountability, and get paid quickly.

Increased professionalism, inside and out

Comprehensive task management features make Intervals an excellent software service for collaborating on tasks while keeping track of every detail. Organize and streamline your consultancy’s workflow, because better organization equals a higher level of client professionalism.

Fast and flexible

Configure Intervals to match your consultancy’s workflow. Quickly and easily enter detailed task updates for sharing deep technical knowledge with others on your team. Run fast, advanced reports to analyze client projects, and find out exactly where your time is going.

Features most used by consulting services

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