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Agency time management software helps keep track of billable hours with little effort. And, it simplifies task management, scheduling, and project management. Receive email notifications when tasks are updated or ready for approval, then simply reply to give feedback and keep the task progressing.

Find out exactly where your time is going

Intervals time tracking software provides easy-to-use timers for tracking time on projects and tasks. Quantify your agency’s efforts to discover exactly how much time was spent on every client job. When you know exactly where your time is going, profitability is only a step away.

Agency time management software customized to fit your needs

Customize task categories and hourly rates to gain deep insights into your agency’s inner workings. For example, discover what percentage of agency time and resources go to each client industry. And, determine which services profit your full-service agency the most.

Advanced and easy-to-use reports

Intervals provides robust, detailed reporting for both high level flybys and low level deep dives into your tasks and time. Compare team efforts against project budgets to calculate profitability. Deliver itemized reports to clients using only a few clicks. The Intervals platform gives your creative agency added accountability for every hour billed.

Features most used by creative agencies

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