Intervals API Overview

The Intervals API project management docs explain how to build your own programs for accessing Intervals account data.

What the Intervals API Does
The Intervals API project management docs explain how to incorporate Intervals user data into your own applications, be they desktop, web-based, or mobile. You can use this data to generate your own reports and metrics, make changes to Intervals data from within your application, or create new ways of accessing and presenting the Intervals experience.

What the Intervals API Does Not Do
The Intervals API does not allow you to extend the Intervals web interface with new features, or restrict access to parts of the interface to particular users or groups. It does not allow you to modify the Intervals web interface in any way.

The API will likewise not enable you to change fundamental aspects of the Intervals application, such as allowing particular users access to certain items where they do not have access, or restricting access to items they do have access to.

Core Concepts

  • The Intervals API is an application-to-application interface. It requires knowledge of a programming language, though it is built in such a way that you should be able to access it with nearly any language you choose.
  • Familiarity with using APIs, particularly RESTful principles and practices, is strongly advised, as is having previous programming experience. It is also strongly advised that you have familiarity with the Intervals web application, particularly user levels and project access (not all user levels have access to everything, and Intervals implements project-level access to most items for non-Administrators).
  • No special developer accounts are required to begin using the Intervals API, and no licensing fee will be charged for creating applications that use the Intervals API. The Intervals API may be used for commercial purposes.
  • All use of the Intervals API is bound by the Intervals Terms of Service.

Example Use

Here is a limited list of things your program could do with the Intervals project management software API:

  • Sync Intervals tasks with another application like Google Calendar
  • Create tasks or add time quickly
  • Create graphs or reports based on time entries within a company
  • Create a client overview showing current activity and what is being worked on by whom
  • Sync Intervals person contact data with a company directory
  • Create a faster task lookup program
  • Create a programming interface in the language of your choice for other developers to use to access the Intervals API

Getting Started

If you're ready to start using the Intervals API, let's move on to the Introduction section.

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