Intervals API Documentation Overview

The Intervals API provides a programming interface for building custom integrations that interact with your account data.

What the Intervals API does
The Intervals API is a gateway into your account data. Use it to shuttle data between our database and your web site or mobile app. For example, build your own custom reports, or automatically update tasks based on external triggers. The possibilities are limitless.

What the Intervals API does not do
The Intervals API does not allow you to modify the account interface, or add and remove features. It also does not allow you to add or remove access for the existing user levels.

The Basics

  • The Intervals API is an application-to-application interface. It requires knowledge of a programming language. That said, it is built using standard best practices so that you can access your data using nearly any language you choose.
  • Familiarity with using APIs, particularly RESTful APIs, is strongly advised — as is having previous programming experience.
  • Familiarity with features of the Intervals web and mobile applications is also helpful. In particular, user levels and project permissions. User levels and their visibility into projects will govern how much data is returned by the API. This is especially important for understanding API behavior for non administrator level users.
  • A developer account is not required to begin using the Intervals API. To get started, you only need to generate an API key from your account.
  • There are no additional licensing fees for using the API. We want you to get creative and build useful stuff. The only limitations are the daily rate limits.
  • All use of the Intervals API is bound by the Intervals Terms of Service.


Here is a short list of ideas you could build using the Intervals API:

  • Sync Intervals tasks with another application like Google Calendar.
  • Automatically create tasks based on an external trigger, such as a text message or monitoring alert.
  • Create a visual dashboard for your client based on time tracking data.
  • Send a regular email to your client that includes current task assignments and their status.
  • Sync personal contact profiles from your company directory.

Getting Started

If you're ready to use the Intervals API, start with the Introduction section.

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