Time Tracking & Workflow Management for Remote Teams

Intervals is a workflow management platform that was designed and developed with remote teams in mind. Our tightly integrated project, task, and time management tools are ideal for companies that need to collaborate and stay connected while working from any time zone.

Time tracking and reporting

Understanding where your time is going is the first step toward improving productivity and profits. Intervals tracks time on every task using customizable settings — so that you can segment your data in more meaningful ways. Fast, flexible, and functional reports provide both high level visualizations and low level analysis of your remote team’s efforts. This unique integration of task management and time tracking tools reveals exactly where your time is going.

Team communication and collaboration tools

Our collaborative project and task management tools record every interaction to keep everyone informed. Collaboration is organized and effortless, allowing your remote team to communicate specific instructions and upload supporting documentation on each task. With task-based timers you can see what your team is working on in real-time. Intervals takes the guesswork out of collaborating remotely and keeps everyone on the same page.

Stay on top of your projects

Managing multiple projects at once is difficult enough with everyone in the same office. Doing it remotely can be overwhelming. Intervals provides a suite of tools to schedule, manage, and track multiple projects with less effort and increased efficiency. Keep track of tasks, documents, time, and more, using custom task workflows, custom project labels, and dynamic reports. Intervals will keep track of all the details for you, while keeping your remote team organized and working efficiently.

Custom workflow management

Work the way you want. Whether it’s Agile, Waterfall, or something in between, our customizable task workflows adapt to your team’s methods of getting work done. Repeatable workflows make it easier to manage tasks from beginning to end and deliver projects on time. Intervals goes beyond simple task management to make your remote team happier and more productive.

Features most used by remote teams

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