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Project Management, Task Tracking, Timesheets and more

Staying organized is hard, especially when managing multiple people and projects. Intervals is a centralized platform for keeping track of projects, tasks, and time, and keeping your team organized.

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Two Minute Introduction
Intervals Two Minute Introduction
Running Time: 1:48


Intervals is online task management and time tracking software built by and for small businesses. We built the platform with accountability in mind. Accountability to your clients and your team. In addition to tracking your work, Intervals has powerful reporting to tell you where your time is going and whether or not projects are on time and under budget.

  • No software to install or keep updated
  • All new features included at no extra cost
  • No annual contract (month to month billing)
  • Easily export your data any time
  • Get your first project up and running in minutes
High Level View
Intervals Introduction
In-depth Intervals Intro
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We built Intervals after trying just about every project management, task management, time tracking, ticketing software available. None of them fit our workflow requirements. So, we created Intervals to be the one holistic and integrative application that could track our time, manage our tasks, and keep our projects on schedule.

With a singular platform like Intervals the reports provide everything you need to gauge the health of your business. As you analyze your task and time tracking data you’ll find the answers to important questions:

  • Which client projects are we working on?
  • What’s our average hourly rate?
  • How much work have we billed this month?
  • Do we need to hire someone?

With all of your projects, tasks, and time in one application with robust reporting, Intervals gives you the answers you need to improve productivity and profitability.

Cultivate Successful Projects
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Project Management Overview
Running Time: 5:26

Project Management

Juggling multiple people and projects can be a real challenge. It’s just as important to track everyone’ time and effort as it is to manage the project work. Intervals features visual graphs and charts, dashboards, and detailed project activity reports for managing projects in the present.

Need to check project progress while on the go? Use the mobile app to check in on your projects.

Answer questions like:

  • Is our team working effectively?
  • Are we in danger of going over budget?
  • What exactly have I been working on?
  • How much work did our team complete this week?
Cultivate Successful Projects

No more guessing about where a project stands.

Do you really need enterprise level project management software? For most small businesses, the answer is no. Because what they really need is project management software that is collaborative and comprehensive without being complicated.

Intervals helps small businesses manage projects more effectively by utilizing a simple feedback loop. We call it…

Predict → Track → Learn → Repeat

What does that mean?

  1. Predict
    Create a project estimate for time and budget.
  2. Track
    Track the actual time and effort to complete the project.
  3. Learn
    Compare the original estimate to the actual work.
  4. Repeat
    Apply what you learn to the next project.

Intervals helps you get work done by empowering your team with tools that give them access to every piece of information they need to work efficiently, tracking their work, and collaborating — all while providing meaningful, real-time insights into what's going on with each project.

Never lose an hour
Time tracking video
Time Tracking Overview
Running Time: 4:08

Time Tracking

Our software makes it easy to keep track of your time with various ways to track time. Whether you prefer timers, manually adding time, importing time, or tracking time via a mobile app we have you covered. Intervals will let you know exactly how much time and effort is going into your projects and our built in weekly timesheet submission and approval system makes sure time does not change after the fact.

  • Tight integration between tasks and timers
  • Multiple ways to track time
  • Weekly timesheet submissions and approvals
  • Automated notifications for missing time and overdue timesheets
  • Meaningful visual reports
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • A superior alternative to tracking time with Excel spreadsheets

Intervals features both automated timers and manual time entry, so you can track time the way you want to.

Weekly Hour Graph

Intervals combines time tracking and task management to create more efficient workflows. This union also makes reporting more powerful and meaningful, as you break down and analyze your work at the task level for clearer insight into your day-to-day.

If you are a professional services company, Intervals makes time tracking less painful. Whether you do fixed or hourly billing, it’s critical to know how your projects are progressing in real-time.

Time is the most precious, non-renewable resource on earth, so it's important to know where it's going. Losing track of time can shrink your margins and put you out of business.

Away from your desk? Use the Intervals mobile app to track time on the go.

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Weekly Timesheets & Approvals
Running Time: 7:17

Task list
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Task Management Overview
Running Time: 6:22

Task Management

Intervals keeps your tasks organized so you can quickly find work assigned to you and stay on schedule. Plus, Intervals keeps a detailed history of conversations and updates on each task for better collaboration.

  • Daily task assignment notifications
  • Manage deliverables with milestones
  • Drag and drop task to reschedule
  • Email notifications on task updates
  • Mobile app for updating tasks on the go
  • Detailed task histories
  • Recurring tasks
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Milestones & Multi Task Deliverables
Running Time: 4:07

Intervals is a comprehensive and flexible task management tool. Unlike other project management software, Intervals combines task management and time tracking in one app. Task features include document uploads, document versioning, comments, custom workflows, and daily email notifications.

Milestone progress

Having evolved from a traditional ticketing system, Intervals excels at adapting to your task management workflows. Once you’ve customized your task settings, finding out which tasks need your attention is just a few clicks away.

Intervals also features milestones for managing deliverables and the overall life cycle of your project. Milestones keep tasks grouped together, making it easier to manage and complete each deliverable. Plus, visual calendars feature drag and drop rescheduling for when due dates shift.

Analyze your historical day to day work using several intelligent reports, so you can easily quantify the time and effort going into each milestone. We know you are working hard — Intervals gives you something to show for it.


Weekly Trends Report
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Reports Overview
Running Time: 7:10


Whether you want to get a surface view or take a deep dive on your data, Intervals has the reports to do both — from visual graphs, charts, and dashboards, to detailed line item tabulations. Share reports with your clients by exporting them as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. You can also schedule reports to be emailed automatically on a recurring basis. The benefits are countless.

  • Real time graphing for immediate results
  • Analyze weekly and monthly trends
  • Find out which client projects are taking the most time
  • Compare billable and unbillable time
  • Export data to Excel, PDF, or XML
  • Save your favorite reports

Managing all of your projects, tasks, and time in one central place is a powerful ability. When you add comprehensive reports to that list of features you achieve a level of business intelligence that will make your company more productive and profitable.

With so many reports available, Intervals quickly gives you the answers to the important questions:

  • Is business trending up or down?
  • Do we need to hire another person?
  • Which client have we billed the most? The least?
  • What types of work have we been doing?
  • Are we in danger of going over budget on this project?
Never lose an hour
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Documents Overview
Running Time: 3:24

Document Storage

Upload the supporting documentation you need for each project, milestone, and task. And give your team around the clock access to the files they need to complete their work.

  • Keep versions of each file for historical reference
  • Upload and attach documents to individual tasks
  • Tag documents for organic classification
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • No file type restrictions
  • Link in documents from google drive

Stop losing track of supporting documentation. With Intervals you can upload any type of file to the project or task you are working on, so it’s right where you need it, when you need it.

Most workflows require more than just written instructions. They require source copy, photographs, and other visuals to be shared with your team. Intervals features flexible document storage that helps keep track of your project files.

Constantly updating the same file? Upload each iteration and let Intervals keep track of past versions. Historical copies of each document are only one click away.

What types of files can you upload? Contracts, logos, screenshots, design comps, copy, photos, work requests — any file you need to get your work done.

Customizable visual themes
Time tracking video
How to Personalize Intervals
Running Time: 5:08


Intervals gives your business a professional look that will impress your clients and establish trust in your processes. Each Intervals account can be personalized in a number of ways to make it truly unique, so you can manage your work your way.

  • Brand your account with your logo
  • Choose the color theme that complements your brand
  • Customizable stylesheets for a truly unique look
  • Customizable defaults, such as work types, task statuses, and more
  • Support for over 70 international locales
  • Unicode support, including Mandarin & Chinese character sets
Default Modules
Default Modules
Running Time: 3:59

Intervals can be customized not only to match your visual brand, but also to fit your business workflows. This means configuring work types, hourly rates, task statuses, and task categories the way you want. Plus, worldwide locale support gives you control over currency, time, and date formatting.

Customizable invoices
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Invoices Overview
Running Time: 4:30


Intervals makes client billing faster and easier by building invoices for you. Just punch in your parameters and Intervals will create a beautifully detailed invoice that you can deliver directly to your clients.

  • Overdue invoice notifications sent to your inbox
  • Create invoices based on actual time tracking data
  • Create freestyle invoices any way you like
  • Include every last detail about the work being billed
  • Support for Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other second taxes
  • Get invoices in front of your clients faster and get paid sooner
  • Improve cash flow

Whether you bill hourly, sell monthly retainers, or charge flat project fees, Intervals creates an invoicing experience that is seamlessly integrated with your projects, tasks, and time.

Outstanding balances report

Building accurate invoices is easy with Intervals. Simply select the dates to be billed and Intervals will pull your billable hours for that period. Invoices can be printed, saved as PDFs, and emailed directly to your client.

If you don’t bill hourly, you can create a freestyle invoice and customize it however you like it.

Small businesses often have to endure a stress-inducing erratic cash flow. Intervals gives you the tools to get paid more often and flatten the curve. Intervals invoicing software answers the important questions you need to ask to keep projects on time and cash flow positive.

  • Does this client still owe us money? If so, how much, exactly?
  • Should we continue working with this client? Or, wait until we get paid?
  • When was the last time we got paid?
  • How much money do we have circulating in unpaid invoices?

In addition to building invoices, Intervals tells you who to invoice, and how much to bill them. Visual dashboards and outstanding balance reports reveal the billable value of work performed, the amounts invoiced (and uninvoiced) to date, and the remaining balances for each client project.

Integrations with accounting platforms — such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks — make it possible to use our powerful task, time, and reporting tools for day to day productivity alongside your favorite accounting and billing software.

Roll Your Own Solution with the API

The Intervals API puts your data directly in your hands so you can build your own solutions. Whether that’s an intranet, interactive spreadsheet, mobile app, or a custom report, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Here’s just a handful of ways we’ve seen our customers use the API:

  • Dynamic charts and spreadsheets using Power BI
  • Data analysis using Excel data feeds
  • Custom task notifications
  • Custom time tracking reports
  • Event-based task updates
  • Integrating with onsite intranets

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