Top Ten Reasons to Use Intervals Project Management Software

1. Versatile and Accurate Time Tracking

Track your time against projects and tasks and finally understand where your efforts are going. Tracking time on the tasks you are working on is much more natural than a separate "timesheet".

2. Centralized, Lightweight Project Management

Keep your tasks, time, and reports all in one shared environment for easier collaboration amongst your team. Developing Intervals, we've factored our 60+ years of collective small-business experience into every aspect of Intervals; assigning tasks, tracking time, juggling details, invoicing clients, and reporting. Intervals contains the perfect amount of functionality to efficiently run your small business.

3. Bend It to Your Business

Intervals lets you define the workflow components; work types, modules, and task status are customizable. You decide how to best use Intervals in your day-to-day business workflow.

4. Free Upgrades

You benefit from every feature update the moment we launch them. The beauty of using web-based software is that there is no need to install costly upgrades and security patches. Our dedicated team has you covered.

5. Affordable and Flexible Pricing

No per user pricing. Add as many people as you like. Choose the plan that best fits the number of monthly projects you need. When the number of projects you are managing changes, update your plan accordingly. Our monthly pricing puts you in control.

6. Secure and Zero IT Required

No need to worry about hardware failures or system outages waking you up at 4am. Intervals is fully supported by our dedicated team that keeps Intervals online around-the-clock and we take security seriously.

7. Intelligent Reporting

Summarize your efforts with topical reporting, or drill down into your data using more comprehensive reports. Intervals features a variety of ways to analyze your business. Dynamic graphs, pie charts, weekly trends, and exportable data to CSV if you like to manipulate your data outside of Intervals.

8. Invoicing

Generate, deliver, and track invoices from the same application you use to manage your tasks, time, and projects. Find out which clients have paid, which clients are delinquent, and which clients need to be billed.

9. Trusted Around the Globe

With customers in over 100 countries relying on Intervals to run their business, Intervals has proven to add value to businesses in any part of the world.

10. No Long-term Commitment

All paying plans are free for the first 30 days and are fully functional. If Intervals is not a good fit, easily cancel from within your account. We believe cancelling should be as easy as signing up (we know how difficult it can be finding the right software). After the trial period ends, conveniently pay month to month. And you can export your data at any time; after all, it's your data.

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