Ticketing and Time Tracking Software for IT Companies

Email integration features enable your clients to send requests directly to your account. Then, assign them as tasks and manage them to completion. Provide clients with instant billing reports on hours and money spent completing each support request.

Delegate, manage, and track support requests

The Intervals task management features were modeled after conventional ticketing systems. The integrated work queue fields support request emails directly from your clients, so you can easily delegate to your team. The ability to easily assign and track client work in a ticketing-friendly system makes Intervals a natural fit for IT teams.

Accountability to clients and your team

Keep your team members in the loop with detailed task histories and email notifications. Intervals maintains a historical audit trail by recording every comment and update made on every task. And, by coupling time tracking on tasks, Intervals renders meticulously detailed reports so you and your clients know exactly where the time is going.

Prioritize support requests

Funneling and completing support requests requires good organization and time management skills. Our ticketing tools help you prioritize your work using customizable ticket attributes like priority, status, and category. Sort and filter your task list to focus on what you should be working on today — and quickly determine what can wait until tomorrow.

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