Our Core Values

We’re a small business, like most of our customers. When we buy something from another company, we like to know who they are and what they stand for.

Pelago has been in business since 2000. We started out as a web design and development agency building custom web-based applications. In 2005, we built Intervals to help us get our own projects under control and to fix our struggles with tracking time and billing our customers. It worked great, so we made Intervals publicly available in 2006.

We’ve been through the pain of bootstrapping and growing a business from the ground up. We know that making difficult decisions requires lean, efficient, and organized workflows. We believe technology can give companies the edge they need to succeed, and that’s why we built Intervals.

Intervals has freed us from stagnant spreadsheets, over-complicated project management software, and ill-fitting “enterprise solutions.” We wholeheartedly embrace Software-as-a-Service built by small businesses for small businesses.

What we value:

  1. Hard work and creativity
  2. Providing a high level of customer support
  3. Thinking big and not taking yourself too seriously
  4. Getting outside and enjoying life's journey