Our Values

Intervals is hosted software. What do values have to do with anything?

We’re a small business, like most of our customers. When we buy something from another company, we like to know who they are and what they’re all about. There is a lot of trust involved with hosted software, so we thought you might like to know a little about Pelago.

Pelago has been in business since 2000. We started out as a web design and development company doing primarily custom web-based applications. In 2005 we built Intervals to help us get our own projects under control and to fix our struggles with tracking time and billing our customers. We made Intervals publicly available in 2006. We have seen great growth year and year.

Pelago is committed to providing our people with a creative and challenging work environment. Our work culture encourages innovation and innovation usually needs some freedom to grow. Pelago is a place where innovation, creativity and fun can’t tell each other apart, where people care about the work they do and the impact it has on society, the environment and the communities where they live. At Pelago, everyone participates in the business.

We’re a small business, just like you, just like most of our customers. We’ve been through the pain of growing a business from the ground up. We know the ability to make difficult decisions fast requires lean, efficient, super organized business operations. We passionately believe Internet technologies can give companies that edge, and that’s why we built Intervals.

Intervals has freed us from stagnant spreadsheets, complicated project management systems, and repurposed "enterprise solutions". We wholeheartedly embrace this era of ondemand software that’s built by small businesses for small businesses.

What we value:

  1. Hard work and creativity
  2. Providing a high level of customer support
  3. Thinking big and not taking yourself too seriously
  4. Our beautiful city of Santa Barbara