The Intervals Brand


Our company, Pelago, is based in Santa Barbara, California, a city hemmed in by the world's biggest ocean and one of the world's few transverse mountain ranges. Just north of Los Angeles, our town is a magnet for anyone looking for a unique escape to the outdoors.

Our team is made up of runners, cyclists, surfers, and hikers — people who are driven and work hard in our day to day, but also play hard when we go outside. The concept of “intervals” — defined as an intervening time or space — just happens to capture the similarities in both our work and personal pursuits.

With Intervals there is less intuit required, because it takes personality and emotion out of the equation. It’s really hard to argue with the data.
Jeff Day, Hök Nik

After starting a web design and development agency, we quickly learned that Intervals play a role in running a small business. There were ebbs and flows as client work was plentiful in some seasons and scarce in others. We wanted to build software that would not only track these ups and downs, but also quantify them with reports and dashboards, so that other small businesses like our own could use data, not emotions, to inform their decisions.

Once we began developing our time tracking and task management workflow software, it pretty much named itself. Intervals was the one concept that applied to what our software does and to who each of us are when we’re not working.

Intervals is more than software, it’s our passion. Working on it hardly feels like work. As we continue to improve Intervals, each of us brings our own ideas and experience to the table — ideas and experiences inspired by time spent pursuing intervals of every sort.

About the logo


Our logo is a visual metaphor of intervals as they might appear in nature, and in business — like rain rippling the surface of still water, or data graphed in a scatter plot.

Who are we?

We’re a small team of designers and developers building time tracking and task management tools for small businesses who need better workflow and reporting.

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