Task Management — Workflows for Getting Work Done

Intervals includes a suite of task management features that adapt to the way you work. Plus, detailed task histories capture every conversation.

Custom Workflows

Tailor the task management process to fit the unique needs and dynamics of your team. Create, prioritize, and apply custom task statuses to your workload to create transparent processes. Custom workflows do more than just keep you on top of your workload, they empower you to adapt to whatever’s next.

Communicate and Collaborate

Effective communication and collaboration are integral components of successful task management. This is why Intervals facilitates and captures every conversation and every update. This transparent communication builds trust and keeps everyone on your team informed.

Integrated Time Tracking

Time tracking was deliberately designed to play a lead role in Intervals’ task management features. The benefits of this holistic approach are accurate project planning, increased profitability, and improved productivity. Integrating time tracking with task management is a proven method for delivering projects on time and under budget.

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