Reporting: Get the Rhythm of Your Business

Weekly Trends Report

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Running Time: 7:10

Managing all of your projects and tracking all of your time with one central online time reporting software tool is incredibly powerful and efficient. When we first developed Intervals we didn't realize how powerful the "business intelligence" portion would be. We knew we needed to get organized and track our time and projects better, but we didn't know how powerful bolting on a few reports to that information would be. When using our online time tracking for employees, time can be analyzed in very granular or hi level ways.

Are we trending up or trending down? Do we need to hire another person? Which client have we done the most work for in the last year? What types of work are we doing? Who is our most billable employee? Are we over budget on this project?

These questions can be answered in just a few clicks with Intervals time tracking software online.

Reporting Highlights

Report on your data in very granular ways or take a hi level view. Intervals features a variety of graphic and tabular reports throughout with easy ways to export and manipulate your data.

  • Real time graphing
  • Weekly Trends (very valuable if you have weekly goals for hours)
  • Determine which clients and projects are taking the most time
  • Billable vs. Unbillable time
  • Data export to CSV and XML
  • Save your favorite reports for one click retrieval