Intervals Tour

Example Uses

Intervals was built to manage our 10 person team, but it's "industry generic" so this project management software can be used by many different types of businesses. Read what our happy customers have to say.

Here are just a few of the types of companies currently using Intervals:

Web Design & Web Development

  • track subcontractors time
  • document procedures in one central place
  • gain knowledge about procedures and best practices
  • learn how much effort each project takes
  • keep a detailed history of every work request
  • bill for maintenance hours and small jobs

Agile Development

  • if you use Agile development principles AND track your time there is nothing like Intervals
  • use backlogs to keep track of priorities and groomed stories
  • use milestones to execute sprints/iterations
  • view burn-up activity directly on milestones
  • track your velocity in hours
  • use estimated vs. actual reports to see how well you are estimating

IT Service Company

  • track customer work requests
  • keep track of how much time each task takes
  • document knowledge on fixes and best practices
  • analyze your billable vs unbillable time
  • see what types of tasks are money makers
  • use the work request queue to funnel and prioritize submissions

Creative Firms

  • track how much time tasks take
  • see if your current team is maximized
  • learn which employees and contractors impact the bottom line
  • analyze your billable vs unbillable time
  • clearly document the high and low periods
  • determine how valuable a given client is
  • track fixed costs for projects

Department of Larger Company

  • tired of cumbersome management solutions?
  • easily assign tasks and track time
  • determine if your employees efforts are properly aligned with department goals
  • document knowledge to help train new employees


  • use Intervals to keep track of all of your work
  • track your time for invoicing
  • system nags keep you on target
  • keep all of your work organized and prioritized

Companies that rely on Subcontractors

  • one central place to keep all of your work history
  • manage a remote team in one place
  • finally get all of your time kept in one format
  • set priorities and due dates for tasks
  • pay your subcontractors only after they have submitted time

Startup Company

  • centralize all of your projects in one place (IT, Marketing, Product Development, etc.)
  • track all of your hours to see if effort is going where it should
  • determine if you have enough bodies to get things done
  • accurately track your projects and hit deadlines
  • set goals for team productivity and track them real time
  • keep detailed work histories on every task

Companies with Remote Workers

  • find out what your team is really working on
  • see if your team is working on what you think they should be working on
  • learn if your team is fast or slow
  • follow daily effort in real-time
  • centralize all of your tasks, know how, and procedures in one place

So what exactly is Intervals?

Intervals is online task & time tracking, a centralized place to get a grasp of what you are working on and how long it is taking.

  • No software to install
  • Hosted application (no IT team needed)
  • Get all updates and new features when they're ready
  • No annual contract (month to month billing)
  • Easy data export
  • Create your team, types of work, and first project in minutes