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Intervals API: Create Your Own Custom Solution

Screenshot showing an example json response from the Intervals API

Unlock the full potential of your Intervals account with our project management API. Seamlessly integrate your Intervals data into any application, whether it's desktop, web-based, or mobile. Automate data entry or integrate with existing in-house or third-party applications.

Harnessing project management APIs can be a game-changer for small businesses, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability. By leveraging the Intervals API, your business can automate workflows and gain valuable insights unique to your projects. The Intervals API provides small businesses with the tools they need to build and expand beyond the capabilities of the software.

With our project management software API, you can:

  • Harness your account data to build tailor-made functionality.
  • Visualize your project management and time tracking data with bespoke reports.
  • Expand the capabilities of the Intervals platform with custom add-ons.

What is Intervals?

Intervals is a comprehensive project management solution designed for efficient task management and precision time tracking. Tailored for small teams, our platform establishes professionalism and client accountability at the forefront, building trust through transparency.

  • No software installation required, access Intervals instantly through our hosted application, eliminating the need for an IT team.
  • Stay up-to-date with the automated feature updates.
  • Flexible billing options with month-to-month contracts, giving you the freedom to scale as needed.
  • Effortlessly export your data for further analysis or integration with other tools.
  • Get started in minutes by creating your team, projects, and tasks with ease.