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Intervals API: Roll Your Own Solution

Get Organized

The Intervals API allows you to incorporate your Intervals application data into your own project management program, be it desktop, web-based, or mobile. You can input data into our online tracking software to generate your own reports and metrics, or create new ways of accessing and presenting the Intervals user experience.

  • Build custom functionality using your account data
  • Visualize your data with custom project management reports
  • Develop add-ons to expand the Intervals platform

So what exactly is Intervals?

Intervals is a web based task & time tracking application. When we first started developing Intervals we called it an "accountability system". Accountability for you to your clients and the contracts you are fulfilling and accountability from your workers to you. Intervals is a great way to get a grasp of what you are working on and how long it is taking.

  • No software to install
  • Hosted application (no IT team needed)
  • Get all updates and new features when they're ready
  • No annual contract (month to month billing)
  • Easy data export
  • Create your team, types of work, and first project in minutes