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Time tracking is a must for any company that bills hourly. Whether you bill projects at a fixed rate or by the hour, you need to know exactly where your time is going and how your projects are progressing — in real-time. Intervals gives you the tools you need to deliver projects under budget and on time.

Intervals combines online time tracking and task management to make project management more effortless and efficient. This union also makes reporting much more powerful, as you can break down your workday by projects and tasks.

Intervals keeps track of your time at both the project and task levels, letting you choose the level of granularity. And with customizable workflows, you can track time your way. It's essential to know where your time is going, because losing track of time can shrink your profits and put you out of business.

For those who prefer not to use timers, Intervals also includes the ability to manually add or import time. And, weekly timesheets provide a consistent flow for each person on your team to keep track of their work.

Out of the office? Utilize the mobile app to track time while on the go.

Intervals was built not only to track time, but to make meaningful sense out of where your time is going. Because, understanding which projects and tasks are consuming your time is crucial to any business.

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Time Tracking Highlights

Intervals features include weekly timesheets and easy-to-use timers for effortless and accurate time tracking. Also included:

  • Separate timer for each task
  • Weekly timesheet approval flows
  • Automated notifications of past due timesheets
  • Beautiful, meaningful visual reports
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
Need to track time? Just start a timer.

Try navigating around this site. When you come back to this page, your timer will be just as you left it.

Though only one timer is displayed here, Intervals supports multiple task timers and multiple general timers.
Weekly Timesheets & Approvals

Weekly Timesheets & Approvals

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Weekly Timesheet Calculator

Weekly Timesheet Calculator

Wondering where your time is going? Try tracking your time with this free weekly timesheet calculator and find out.