Invoicing: Get Paid Early and Often

Customizable invoices

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Need to get paid? Whether you are a dollar-for-hour shop, encourage pre-pay, or bill per project, invoicing with Intervals empowers you to generate invoices using the same online software you use for managing projects, tracking time, and tracking tasks.

Invoices are seamlessly integrated with accurate time tracking, making billing clients easy for small businesses. With our online project management tools, simply select a start and end date and Intervals will pull all of your billable hours into an invoice that you can print, save, export to PDF, or email to your client. If you don't bill hourly, you can create a freestyle invoice and customize it however you like it.

Small businesses must endure the stress and nuances of erratic cash flow. Generate invoices in Intervals to get paid early and often, and maintain a financial perspective on managing projects. Does this client owe us money? Should we continue working on their project? Should we stop work on this project until we get paid? How long has it been since they paid? All of these questions can easily be answered so you can make informed decisions.

Intervals project management and invoicing software goes even further to make invoicing easy and flexible. The outstanding balances report let's you know who owes you money and how much of that amount has not been invoiced, making it quick and simple to generate and send out invoices. And for QuickBooks™ power users who prefer to track their time in Intervals and generate invoices in QuickBooks™, you can export timesheets and reports to avoid having to double enter data. Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other second taxes are supported as well, making it easy to generate invoices in Intervals, in any country.

Invoicing Highlights

Create invoices easily and more often. Bill your clients for the work you are doing in the same place you are managing your projects.

  • Automated overdue invoice alerts sent to your inbox
  • Create invoices based on actual work performed
  • Create freestyle invoices any way you like
  • Include minute details of work performed
  • Supports Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other second taxes
  • Get invoices in front of your clients quicker
  • Improve cash flow