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Intelligent Invoicing Software that Builds Invoices for You

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Small businesses often face the challenge of managing unpredictable cash flow. Whether you're billing by the hour or per project, Intervals offers a solution by integrating invoicing seamlessly with your time tracking activities.

With Intervals, generating invoices becomes a painless task. You can effortlessly pull together billable hours within a selected timeframe and create professional invoices ready for printing, saving, PDF exporting, or emailing directly to your clients. Even if your billing method is not hourly-based, Intervals accommodates freestyle invoicing with customizable line items.

Wondering about outstanding payments or project viability? Intervals provides clarity to these questions, empowering you to make informed decisions. Its integrated time tracking and invoicing system ensures accurate client billing while offering flexibility in how you create the invoice.

Identifying clients who owe you money or need invoicing is made simple with Intervals' intuitive interface. Detailed invoices help you maintain transparency and accountability in your financial transactions. For those accustomed to QuickBooks™, Intervals allows seamless integration, enabling you to export invoices, thus minimizing redundant efforts.

Moreover, Intervals caters to diverse tax requirements, including Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other secondary taxes, facilitating invoicing from any geographical location. With Intervals, managing your invoicing process becomes both easy and adaptable, allowing you to focus on growing your business without financial uncertainties holding you back.

Invoicing Highlights

  • Break down invoices to reflect billed amounts per task.
  • Stay informed with automated alerts for overdue invoices delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Create invoices based on actual work completed, ensuring precise client billing.
  • Tailor invoices to your preference with freestyle formatting options.
  • Easily handle various tax requirements, including Canadian GST, Quebec PST, and other secondary taxes.
  • Deliver invoices promptly to clients in multiple formats.
  • Smooth out cash flow fluctuations with streamlined invoicing processes.
  • Enjoy fully featured project and task management capabilities alongside time tracking and invoicing functionalities.