Project Labels for High Level Project Management and Visualization

Labels provide a flexible way to customize your workflows at the project level. Utilize them for project phases, categories, or anything else you can imagine. Plus, you can filter your project lists, task lists, and reports by project label — freeing you up to focus on the work that matters most in the moment.

A colorful solution for custom workflows

The act of juggling several projects at once can quickly overwhelm any team. Staying on top of your projects requires regularly getting above the fray for some perspective. Project labels are versatile and visual, making them ideal for quickly reviewing your projects and keeping them moving forward. They can represent phases, priorities, health statuses, and more. Create the labels that fit your workflow.

Create saved views for different lists

When you have numerous tasks spread across multiple projects, labels enable you to create lists for different management scenarios. To create a task list for a particular project category or phase, apply the relevant label as a filter. Then save each of these views for later use.

Saved views make it easier to review and manage tasks based on their current project label. For example, create one list to evaluate tasks for projects currently on hold, and another list to review tasks for projects labeled as a high priority.

Analyze project performance

By leveraging project labels, you can analyze the time and efforts spent on different types of projects. For example, compare the number of tasks completed, analyze billable hours, and assess the overall health of projects labeled “In progress.” Project labels provide a foundation for building detailed, custom reports you can use to make the best data-driven decisions for your business.

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