Time Tracking & Reporting Software for Creative Agencies

Intervals helps creative agencies keep track of billable hours with little effort. And, it provides custom workflows that simplify the task management process. Detailed reports consolidate your time and tasks into meaningful visualizations, so you can deliver your projects on time and under budget.

Time tracking, reporting, and invoicing — all in one place

Intervals time tracking software provides easy-to-use timers for tracking time on projects and tasks. Powerful reporting and invoicing features quantify your agency’s efforts and make client billing a seamless process. When you know exactly where your time is going, profitability is only one click away.

Time tracking software customized to fit your needs

Customize task categories and hourly rates to gain deep insights into your creative agency’s inner workings. For example, discover what percentage of agency time and resources go to each client industry. And, discover which of your professional services are most profitable.

Advanced and easy-to-use reports

Intervals provides robust, detailed reporting for both high level flybys and low level deep dives into your tasks and time. Compare actual time tracked against project budgets and calculate profitability. Deliver itemized reports and invoices to clients with just a few clicks. The Intervals platform gives your creative agency more transparency and accountability with your clients.

Features most used by creative agencies

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