The Time Tracking & Task Management Solution for Your Team

Detailed time tracking, flexible task management, and robust reporting. Intervals is designed to address the workflow management needs most common to the following types of businesses.

Web Design and Development

Break down web projects into smaller tasks for easier estimating and management. Track time and run detailed reports to analyze team efforts and gauge profitability.

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Creative Agencies

Easily manage lofty jobs by breaking them down into tasks. Monitor productivity with time tracking tools and stay updated on budgets using beautiful dashboards.

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Marketing Agencies

Flexible task management for tracking campaigns, plus robust reports for reviewing team productivity and project budgets at every level.

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IT Services

Task management modeled after traditional ticketing systems, coupled with a client-facing email request queue and detailed reports for keeping track of client work.

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Software Development

Customizable task management workflows coupled with milestones support for managing sprints, combined with tracking time at the task level makes Intervals an Agile friendly platform.

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Consulting Services

Track every billable hour with a platform your consultancy can brand as its own. Streamline workflows so you can focus more on innovation and problem solving.

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Professional Services Automation

Delegate and track tasks while recording how much time is spent doing the work. Intervals is a workflow management platform that helps your team collaborate and stay connected.

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Remote Teams

Stay connected with your remote team while collaborating on projects. Share documents, track time, and manage tasks — and improve your team's communication and productivity.

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