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If you need help tracking and understanding your time, Intervals is the right tool. Our software was built to track every minute of time spent on every task, so you can focus on delivering projects on time and under budget.

How are Intervals and Microsoft Project Similar?

Both solutions have tasks, milestones and Gantt charts, but comparing Microsoft Project to Intervals is difficult because they are so different. Microsoft Project is best suited to planning a massive engineering project with a hundred or more people — especially when projects and tasks are critically dependent on one another. Intervals is better suited for small teams in an agile setting focused on knocking out smaller projects while using detailed task management and time tracking tools.

Microsoft Project

How is Intervals Different?

More Flexible Task Management

More Flexible Task Management

Our flexible task management platform is more Agile friendly than the traditional Waterfall approach of Microsoft Project. With Intervals, tasks can represent bugs, to dos, tickets, stories, or just plain tasks. And, only Intervals records a meticulous history of every time entry and status update on each task, so you can stay focused on the big stuff while still keeping track of the details.

Better Support

Better Support

Any project management platform, especially Microsoft Project, is going to have its learning curves. But, only Intervals provides free onboarding and one-on-one demos to get your team up to speed as fast as possible. Take advantage of our support team and fast response times to quickly find out if Intervals is the right Microsoft Project alternative for you. And if it’s not, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability for Small Businesses

Intervals is the ideal Microsoft Project alternative because it was built for small teams who need time tracking and task management. Easy-to-use timers effortlessly track time for you while our powerful reports show you exactly where it’s going. Small businesses using Intervals have seen up to a 30% increase in billable time, without having to work more. Unlike Microsoft Project, Intervals has seamlessly integrated time tracking with task management from the beginning. Whether working remote or from the office, Intervals makes teams effective and efficient.

More Generous Document Storage

More Generous Document Storage

Each of our plans provides a generous amount of document storage, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space in the middle of a project. And, unlike Microsoft Project, document storage is included on all plans at no extra cost. Attach files to projects, milestones, or tasks, and provide your team the supporting documentation they need when they need it most. A dedicated documents area makes it easy to search documents for your entire account.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Less Restrictive Pricing

Our monthly plans grow with you. Each plan (except Lite) includes unlimited users, so you can throw as many resources as needed at each project without having to worry about incremental costs. Because when you are up against a deadline, your project management application is the last thing you want getting in the way. Our monthly plans are tiered based on the number of active projects being managed — completed projects don't count — so you can re-evaluate your needs and upgrade your account as you take on more work.

What Do Our Customers Think?

Wow, real humans!

Can I say that in the fifteen years I have been doing web projects, Intervals is the first application that has been designed with a real shop in mind (not the mythical shop in the sky) and covers time tracking more seamlessly than ANY timeclock app (or CRM for that matter). I have used Basecamp™, Rally, timeEdition, Redmine, Mantis, Bugzilla, Microsoft Project, Merlin, Sharepoint, Outlook, and countless home-grown apps. None of these comes close to the ease of use and configuration as Intervals.

Thanks for your elegant (and sweat-tested) design.
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