The Harvest Alternative

In addition to its time tracking capabilities, Intervals features customizable task workflows and beautifully detailed reports. This comprehensive blend of time, tasks, and reports makes Intervals the ideal alternative to Harvest for creative teams that want more structured workflows and in-depth project analysis.

How are Intervals and Harvest Similar?

Both Intervals and Harvest are time tracking software designed to help agencies gauge profitability. And, both have billing features that will automatically pull time and expenses into invoices. Intervals diverges from Harvest with features aimed at productivity — such as advanced reporting and custom workflow management. Intervals is the only Harvest alternative that puts time tracking directly inside your task management workflows. It’s everything you need in one app.


How is Intervals Different?

Unparalleled Reports

End-to-end Project Management

Intervals is a full featured project management platform that helps teams track projects from beginning to end. Create budgets and break down work into smaller tasks, then let Intervals track every update and every minute of work for you. Real-time reporting monitors project time and compares actuals against estimates, so you can keep projects on schedule and under budget.

More Flexible Task Management

Customizable Task Workflows

Our flexible task management platform enables you to implement any workflow you want — tasks can be used to manage bugs, to dos, tickets, stories, or just plain tasks. Versus Harvest, which provides simplified tasks. And, only Intervals records every time entry and update on each task. Never again wonder how long something took to complete, or what you should be working on next.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Less Restrictive Pricing

Our monthly plans give you room to grow. Intervals is the only Harvest alternative that includes unlimited users on every plan (except Lite). Add as many resources as needed without having to worry about incremental costs. When you are up against a deadline, your project management application is the last thing you want getting in the way. Our monthly plans are tiered based on the number of actively managed projects — completed projects don't count — so you can upgrade your account as your agency increases its capacity to take on more work. In other words, Intervals grows with you.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Take a Deep Dive into Your Data

Visualize your data from every perspective — from 10,000 feet above versus deep in the trenches. Landscape views provide a quick overview of project health. While increasingly detailed reports let you dive deeper and analyze every hour worked. The nearly infinite number of reporting options means every report is a unique visualization of the data that matters most to you.

What Do Our Customers Think?

I wanted to let you know Intervals is incredible, and I’ve used Basecamp™, Cashboard™, Harvest™, Blinksale™, and about a half dozen other similar apps over the past few months before deciding on Intervals.
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