The Teamwork Alternative

The powerful combination of our time tracking and reporting features makes Intervals the ideal Teamwork alternative for teams that need to capture and analyze their data and make informed decisions.

How are Intervals and Teamwork Similar?

Both of these project management applications are used by a variety of businesses who need to track time, manage tasks, and invoice clients — all while delivering projects on time and under budget. Both applications advertise a list of features that seem similar, however, there are several differences that make Intervals the better choice.

Intervals, the Teamwork alternative

How is Intervals Different?

Unparalleled Reports

Unparalleled Reports

Faster, more flexible, and more detailed than Teamwork — our reports frame your time tracking data in the right light, so you can stop guessing and start making informed business decisions. Slice and dice your data in an infinite number of ways to get the answers you need, then save your favorite reports so you can run them repeatedly on a regular schedule.

Better Support

Better Support

Any project management platform, including Teamwork, is going to have its learning curves. But, only Intervals provides free onboarding and one-on-one demos to get your team up to speed as fast as possible. Take advantage of our support team’s expertise and quickly find out if Intervals is the right Teamwork alternative for you. If it’s not, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability for Small Businesses

Intervals was built by a small team to tackle the unique challenges facing small businesses today. Our time tracking tools make up for lost time, literally. Small businesses using Intervals have seen up to a 30% increase in billable time, without having to work more. And our invoicing tools build beautiful, detailed invoices from your time tracking data — for accurate and effortless billing.

Unlimited Everthing

Unlimited Everything

We don’t have an enterprise plan with mystery pricing. Our unlimited plan gives you unlimited everything, full stop. This includes unlimited users and unlimited document storage for a single monthly fee. Manage as many projects and update as many documents as you want, and never have to upgrade your plan. If you are the type who likes to “set it and forget it” and not have to worry about adding costs each time you add a team member, our project management software is the right fit for you.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Less Restrictive Pricing

Intervals is the only Teamwork alternative that includes unlimited users on every plan (Except lite). Throw as many resources as needed at each project without having to worry about incremental costs. Because when you are up against a deadline, your project management application is the last thing you want getting in the way. Our monthly plans are tiered based on the number of active projects being managed — completed projects don't count — so you can re-evaluate your needs and upgrade your account as your company takes on more work.

What Do Our Customers Think?

The reporting features are very powerful and easy to use. The simple interface allows our resources to spend less time on time entry and more time on actual work. Similarly, the reports have significantly reduced the time required to generate invoices. Thanks for building such a good application.
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Intervals compared to other online software

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