The Basecamp Alternative

Intervals was born from the union of comprehensive task management, detailed time tracking, and robust reporting. These three features combined make Intervals the ideal Basecamp alternative for agencies that need to account for their time and improve workflow efficiency.

How are Intervals and Basecamp Similar?

Basecamp and Intervals are both task management applications built with communication and collaboration in mind. And, both are project management applications that promise to help your team get organized. Intervals picks up where Basecamp leaves off, solving the more comprehensive challenges faced by small businesses — increasing billable hours, delivering projects on time and under budget, and analyzing team efforts to learn exactly where time is going (to name a few).


How is Intervals Different?

Unparalleled Reports

Time Tracking & Reporting

Fully integrated time tracking and powerful reporting are at the core of Intervals. If you bill for your time and need to put a detailed report in front of a client showing where your time (and their budget) went, Intervals is unparalleled. More than just communication, Intervals is about learning where your time and energy is going, so you can stop guessing and start making informed business decisions. Find out which to dos are taking up too much time and which projects are in danger of going over budget. The flexibility of our reports give you infinite options for slicing and dicing your data. Plus, you can save your favorite reports and run them repeatedly on a regular schedule.

More Flexible Task Management

More Flexible Task Management

Our flexible task management platform enables you to implement any workflow you want — tasks can represent bugs, to dos, tickets, stories, or just plain tasks. In contrast, Basecamp takes a more simplified approach to task management. And, only Intervals records a meticulous audit trail on every task, so you can stay focused on the big stuff while collaborating with your team from any time zone. Never again wonder what you should be working on next.

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability for Small Businesses

Intervals was built by a small team to address the unique challenges that small businesses face. Our time tracking software can find lost time, literally. Small businesses using Intervals have seen up to a 30% increase in billable time, all because of better time tracking. And our invoicing tools will build beautiful, detailed invoices from your time tracking data — get paid for every hour.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Take a Deep Dive into Your Data

Visualize your data from every perspective — from 10,000 feet overhead to well below sea level. Landscape views and Gantt charts empower you to quickly gauge project health. Then descend through increasingly detailed layers of data as you dive deeper and analyze every hour worked. Then, deliver beautiful reports to your clients so they, too, can see how their money is being spent.

What Do Our Customers Think?

At the end of the day, the core platform of Basecamp™ did not focus on time, workflow and reporting, which is where Intervals excels. Intervals Software as a service Android, iOS, Linux, OSX, Windows

Intervals compared to other web-based services

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