The ProWorkFlow Alternative

The ability to track time seamlessly while also managing projects and tasks makes Intervals the ideal alternative to ProWorkFlow for teams who need to know exactly where their time is going.

How are Intervals and ProWorkFlow similar?

Both of these project management applications are used by a variety of industries who need workflows to track time, manage tasks, and invoice clients, and deliver projects on time and under budget. Both applications advertise a list of features that seem similar — however, there are several differences that make Intervals the better choice.


How is Intervals Different?

More Reports

More Reports

Visualize your data from every perspective — from 10,000 feet overhead to well below sea level. Landscape views and Gantt charts empower you to quickly gauge project health. Then descend through increasingly detailed layers of data as you dive deeper and analyze the impact of each time entry and task update. Intervals has more reports than any other alternative, including ProWorkFlow.

Room to Grow

Granular Access Control

Intervals features project level permissions where team members only see projects where they have access. If they don't have access to a project they will not see it and do not know it exists. In addition to the project permissions there are four user levels that control which data your team members can view for the projects you've granted them access. Have a user you don't want to see financial information? No problem, that's our resource level users. Want someone to manage a project and keep it on budget, but only see projects for two clients. No problem there either. That's our manager level users. With robust permissions settings, you decide which projects people can (and can’t) access, and how much information they can see within each project.

Better Support

Better Support

Any time tracking and project management platform, including ProWorkFlow, is going to have its learning curves. Intervals provides free onboarding and one-on-one demos to get your team up to speed as fast as possible. Take advantage of our support team and quickly find out if Intervals is the right fit for you. And if it’s not, we’ll be the first to tell you.

Less Restrictive Pricing

Unlimited Users Included

Whether you have 5 or 25 in your team, there are no incremental costs. All you pay is your monthly subscription. Our monthly plans give you room to grow. Each plan (except Lite) includes unlimited users, so you can throw as many resources as needed at each project. Our plans are tiered based on the number of active projects being managed — completed projects don't count — so you can re-evaluate your needs and upgrade your account as your agency increases its capacity to take on more work.

What Do Our Customers Think?

We started using Intervals about a month ago and LOVE it. We are a marketing consulting company and will be looking to use it with all our clients. Intervals does exactly what we need and is so easy to use. We are huge fans. And after today, we are twice as happy knowing that your support levels and service are as good as your product.
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Intervals compared to other web-based services

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