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Leaving Excel Behind for Web Design Project Management Software

Sonik Newmedia: How this agency adopted web design project management software

Sonik Newmedia

Sonik Newmedia is a 5-person web design, development and marketing company in California. Their director, Dave, has a lot of responsibilities. He drums up new business, writes code, and manages client projects.

Why Intervals?

For the longest time, projects were managed using Excel. It was a mostly manual process they used to keep track of their work and time. But, there were problems with this process. Dave managed the work, but he did not know what anyone else was working on, or where their time was going.

“Details were getting lost, and I was spending way too much time trying to find them. Lost time equals lost money. We tried Microsoft Project, but it was too big and bulky, with too many features. Intervals is designed by people who do similar work as we do, and have similar experiences, so it's a natural fit. Intervals just gets us.”

The most valuable benefit from using Intervals web design project management software is that it integrates time tracking into the task management process. The ability to assign tasks to his team and then track the time spent on each task was crucial for growing their business.

“The biggest challenge for us is managing maintenance work and tracking how much time it takes. This may seem small, but maintenance work represents about half of our revenues. Accurate time tracking is fundamental to billing our clients. We used to track all of our time in Excel spreadsheets and then spend hours tallying up billable time at the end of each month. Now we just run a report from Intervals.”

The Benefits of Using Intervals

Intervals is a centralized console — a dashboard comprised of reporting, time tracking, and task management tools — making it the ideal web design project management software for Sonik Newmedia.

“I can see exactly what's going on in real-time — what people are working on and how much time it's taking. Now the entire team can see where we are at any point during the month. As a business director, I no longer have to rely on ‘getting a feeling’ from my guys or taking the time to ask each person individually.”

With Intervals' workflow management and time tracking features, Dave and his team have said good bye to lengthy meetings, unnecessary phone calls, and non essential emails — all while improving and getting a better understanding of their day-to-day workflow.

Benefits of Intervals for Web Designers and Developers

  • Organize teams in one central place
  • Set priorities and focus on them
  • Track web site maintenance hours
  • Bill clients more efficiently
  • Spend less time managing and more time building web sites
  • Deliver detailed reports to clients
Thanks again for a great product. We were able to dump our two separate time tracking / issue tracking systems for one system that does both jobs better.
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