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A Design, Marketing, and Advertising Agency

The small team of creatives at Imbue have made a large impact on their clients, providing brand consulting, repositioning, logo development, graphic design, web design and web development. They are a full stop shop, especially for companies in the healthcare marketing and medical communications industries.

Founded in 2004 in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Imbue Creative is the go-to agency in Bucks County for anything related to print and web design. Being only an hour away from New York and Philadelphia makes it easy for them to reach out to larger clients in their target market, but their small town locale also allows them to do a lot of community work in their own backyard.

I used to be desk bound by a notebook and sticky notes. Now my desk has more breathing room and my tasks are accessible from anywhere.

A strategic location in a destination town like New Hope exposes Imbue to an eclectic mix of design and development jobs — everything from tech to tourism. “I’ve always wanted to work close to home and not commute, especially as a business owner with long hours,” admits Michael Piperno. “Starting Imbue in New Hope, in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has allowed me to do just that.” It’s technology like Intervals task list software, built for creative agencies and small businesses alike, that has given Imbue Creative the freedom to start a business in a small town and achieve a better work-life balance.

Working with Highly Educated and Technical Clients

Whenever we have a discussion about a project or profitability, Intervals is definitely involved.

Imbue has built up quite the reputation in the healthcare marketing and medical communications industries, known as the go-to folks for all things creative. Imbue is highly skilled at listening to people who speak in medical terms and putting those thoughts and conversations into designs that their audience can understand. In fact, it is not uncommon for Imbue to catch technical mistakes during this translation process.

The ability to strike a balance between agency quality design work and the technical nature of the healthcare marketing and medical communications industries has been a key factor in Imbue’s business growth. Imbue Creative is using Intervals creative agency management software to conduct this delicate balance and improve their workflow as their workload increases, all while staying true to their small town roots.

Workflow Warriors

We share how we each use Intervals and what tips and tricks we’d like to show one another, to make sure we are leveraging Intervals as much as possible

Before they started using Intervals, Imbue managed and tracked their incoming and outgoing projects on a big white board. They would gather around the big white board for regular status meetings and rummage through notebooks and sticky notes to get everyone on the same page. Intervals replaced all of that with one online app that could manage their task workflows with the added bonus of tracking their time.

Intervals was a perfect fit for taking their workflow online. “We tested out time tracking software, but all it did was track time,” shared Michael. “They didn’t have the task functionality that Intervals does.” Intervals has become the go-to application for all of Imbue’s tasks, and is the center-point for day-to-day workflow, status meetings, and debriefings. “Intervals is always up on the screen, all day long, so we can reference it at any time,” says Michael.

Now it takes only a minute to pull up a project list and identify scope creep, or filter a task list to see what needs attention next, or to create an entirely new project and hand it off to their team. From lists and reports to dashboards and graphs, Intervals creative agency management software has Imbue’s workflow covered.

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  • Founded: 2004
  • Employees: 4
  • Location: New Hope, Pennsylvania, Bucks County
  • Customer since: July 2010

Favorite Intervals Feature

The task list is my favorite feature. I leave it up all day long, sorted by due date, so I know what to be working on next.

Michael Piperno
President and Chief Creative Officer
Imbue Creative

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