OffCamber Autosport

OffCamber Autosport
How one auto shop customized Intervals to manage the process of building and maintaining performance cars

OffCamber Autosport is one of the cleanest auto shops you will ever roll into. The floors, walls, and equipment are meticulous in their appearance, just like the cars they build and maintain. Their shop is a reflection of their pride and work ethic, where attention to detail is critical when working on exotic sport cars designed to go over 150mph.

Mo started OffCamber Autosport after a 30 year stint in the corporate IT world. Despite the promise of a promotion to director, and continuing his trajectory up the corporate ladder, Mo decided to leave it all behind and pursue his lifelong passion of building and working on cars.

Today, OffCamber is thriving in New Jersey where there also happens to be a large population of “car people.” Mo’s team has built, maintained, and modified cars from Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Lexus, and others. He may have taken a roundabout way to get here, but Mo finally realized a Matchbox-car inspired childhood dream.

Customizable Software for a Custom Car Shop

Initially we were doing it all on paper and it was excruciating so I looked at a bunch of different systems. Systems that are specifically designed for an automotive repair shop. But they're either designed for one-man shops or are super, super expensive.

Being a certified project manager, Mo knew that he would need task management and time tracking software to effectively run his shop and ultimately grow his business. But, the options designed for the automotive industry were either missed the mark or were expensive solutions geared toward dealerships.

He embraced Intervals for its flexibility, because it allowed him to customize his task management workflows to mirror the paper-based systems already in place at the shop. Intervals proved to be the middle ground solution needed to manage a team of technicians while keeping digital records on car building and maintenance. When you are building custom race cars and engines, it helps to have customizable software that can adapt to your way of doing things.

A Transparent Approach to Automotive Services

When I discovered Intervals I found I could do all of my work order management and time keeping for payroll in one application.

Since signing up in 2017, OffCamber Autosport has seen three big benefits from using Intervals for time tracking and workflow management.


Running a small automotive shop with several employees doesn’t require a payroll system, but there is still the need to pay techs on an hourly basis. Because they use Intervals to track all of their time on their individual tasks, Mo is able to run the entire payroll through the same system they use for workflow management.

Customer reporting

This combination of time tracking and task management has also resulted in increased customer loyalty. Any time a customer wants to see a breakdown of how time is being spent on their car, the answer is only a few clicks away. Customers of OffCamber Autosport have come to love the shop for not only its meticulous environs, but also the detailed record keeping and reporting.

Historical records

Any time a car is worked on, the corresponding task in Intervals is updated by the assigned technician. Because Intervals keeps a timestamped record of every comment and every change on each task, the shop can reference a detailed history of past work on every car that drives through their garage door.

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Favorite Intervals Feature

My clients love the fact that Intervals allows me to give them a detailed view of each task and every block of time one of my techs spent on that task.

Mo Karamat
OffCamber Autosport

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