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Graphic Designer Liberated from Administrative Responsibilities



I need to bill clients, but when I'm stuck with administrative responsibilities, I'm not doing any billable work. Before using Intervals I would write down client time on paper and add it up and then bill clients. If a project lasted a few months, then I would have to sort through all these pieces of paper to figure out where my time was going.

Garth - Clear

Garth's design agency Clear creates corporate identities and event materials, does online and print marketing, and even designs apparel. Garth has to wear a lot of hats to keep his business moving in the right direction.

Why Intervals?

Before Intervals, Garth was using a motley crew of time tracking tools — electronic calendars for scheduling, Adobe software to keep track of projects and their various related tasks, email for communication, and paper timesheets. He was spending way too much time doing administrative upkeep with a suite of tools. He'd much rather be focusing on getting paid for doing the work he loves: graphic design.

The cumbersome administrative responsibilities became overwhelming to the point that Garth had less and less time to devote to graphic design. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and signed up for Intervals.

He has since replaced paper timesheets and various other tools with one application that he uses to manage his projects, track his time, and bill his clients. On any given day, Garth is managing roughly 25 jobs with Intervals — and he's spending more time than ever pursuing his creative passions.

Looking Back

“It's easy to work the whole day and not know where your time has gone. But, Intervals tells me exactly how much time I have spent on different clients. And it gives me a detailed accounting of every day and every job.”

No matter how many projects Garth's got going on at once, he no longer has to worry about where his time is going. The answer is in a report just a few clicks away. Paper timesheets are a relic of the past. And projects practically manage themselves.

Intervals Helps Graphic Designers:

  • Spend less time doing administrative work
  • Spend more time creating
  • Track time easily with timers
  • Get rid of paper timesheets and other ineffective methods of tracking time
  • Juggle multiple clients and bill them
  • Consolidate job management and time tracking in one app
Intervals so far exceeds any other similar products that there’s just no comparison. We previously used BaseCamp™, which is far too basic for what my group needs (and they readily acknowledge it’s not supposed to be everything to everyone). Intervals has allowed my small team of four to take on and manage more work while getting paid more for the work we do. Seeing the item about Intervals in Communication Arts last year was nothing short of a gift from the gods for our little webdev shop—and your support responsiveness has been something we have tried to emulate with our own clients.
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