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A Digital Strategy Agency

Up&Up is a digital agency founded in 2002 and focused on web design, web development, SEO, email marketing and social media — a full gamut of online services. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, this team of ten offers their clients a unique blend of business consulting and professional web services to help them align their web goals with their business goals.

In their many years of business as a web design and development agency, Up&Up has built a solid reputation in three verticals — higher education, private manufacturing, and luxury brands associated with resorts and retail merchandise.

In addition to producing creative work for their target verticals, Up&Up has an eclectic and diverse side, always ready to take on new challenges to help out businesses in need, especially when it’s a member of their business community. At the same time, they’ve kept up with the fast-paced digital space.

Finding the Right Balance

Web agencies are different from creative agencies in that they have to manage projects and support tasks.

Up&Up traces their beginnings back to Atlanta, Georgia, where they quickly grew into a reputable web agency. When they decided to make their move to Greenville to find more work-life balance, there was some concern they might lose some clients as a result of the transition.

They didn’t lose a single client. “Once you’ve established a strong business relationship, you can maintain it with technology,” points out Adam Landrum. Up&Up’s clients have hired them to be experts in all things Web, and they’ve delivered, making themselves an invaluable asset.

Located in Greenville, South Carolina, Up&Up has successfully leveraged their expertise and access to technology to further increase their online authority and reputation. Their blog is a practical outlet for sharing their web expertise, giving their prospects an opportunity to experience Up&Up before hiring them. And their published posts have created more than just a few ripples in the web design and development industry — the creative minds at Up&Up are often times asked to speak at conferences, which they gladly do.

Using Intervals to Simplify Processes

The whole idea behind Up&Up is that we want to be great, not big. We would rather have a quality team, quality clients, and do quality work.

When Up&Up began the search for online project management software most of their options fell into one of two categories. “Either, we found online creative agency software that didn’t understand support tickets, or, IT ticketing software that did not understand the project management process, but nothing in between,” shared Adam. “Intervals did both.”

When Up&Up first started using Intervals in 2007 they were a team of four. “At any given moment we’ll have five projects going on at once, but also managing a hundred support tasks with a short shelf life,” said Adam. “Intervals enables us to manage our increasing workload.” Intervals has played a key role in Up&Up’s business growth, helping them expand to a team of ten.

Up&Up admits they didn’t take full advantage of Intervals’ features at first. At one point they restructured their Intervals account, going from tracking every tiny detail to working with broader tasks and projects. Once they streamlined the creative management process, they were able to pivot toward contracting larger retainer projects. “We are able to continually simplify our processes because Intervals adapts to our business as it grows,” concluded Adam.

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  • Web site: www.upandup.agency
  • Founded: 2002
  • Employees: 10
  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Customer since: December 2009

Favorite Intervals Feature

The trends report. We look at billable hours versus non billable hours for the past week and the past month to see how billable we were, and predict trends going forward.

Adam Landrum
President & CEO

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