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How Can I Track My Time Daily?


For many small businesses, time tracking is an indispensable tool for recording a team’s efforts. Understanding where time is going is a huge boon to productivity (whether you bill hourly or not). Adopting good time tracking practices also increases profitability. That said, establishing good time tracking practices requires diligence. It’s best to track time daily […]

The Pros and Cons of Tracking Time with Spreadsheets


We’ve been tracking our time one way or another for the last 21 years. Since our company’s inception we’ve tried paper timesheets, spreadsheets, open source software, and web-based software. Of all the different methods we’ve tried, tracking time with spreadsheets was the most time consuming, but also the most versatile method, which may explain why […]

From Excel Spreadsheets to Online Time Tracking Software


There are many valid reasons why an agency might be using Excel Spreadsheets to track people’s time. The data is securely stowed away on the local network. The software isn’t going to disappear if the vendor goes out of business. And, spreadsheets are flexible enough to build any number of custom reports to analyze the […]