Yearly Archives: 2024

The Pros and Cons of Tracking Time with a Spreadsheet


Many small businesses that want to start tracking their time will find themselves considering spreadsheets. Spreadsheets provide an easy way to get started, making them an attractive option, especially if you are overwhelmed by the near infinite number of time tracking software platforms available online. Before you begin, here are a few of the benefits […]

The Real Costs of Not Tracking Your Time


Professional services agencies are one of the most common types of small businesses in the world. One of the most essential tools they can and should embrace is time tracking. However, many of these agencies don’t track their time, or do so inefficiently. We were once one of those agencies that tracked their time poorly. […]

Mobile App Improvement: Clients and Documents


As we continue to expand the capabilities of the Intervals mobile app, we are please to announce the recent addition of two new sections. The clients and documents features can now be found inside your account when logged in with your Android or Apple device. Here’s a quick summary of what you can do with […]