Yearly Archives: 2012

How Web Design and Creative Agencies Can Productize their Services


In my personal experience working with web design, web development, and creative agencies, and in conversations I’ve had with other freelancers, designers, developers and creatives, there is always one business pain point that stands out. Cash flow. Revenue can be seasonal. We’re either out meeting with potential clients to drum up sales, or we’re swamped […]

The Role of Online Task Management Software in Virtual Teams


The modern-day workplace is in a state of flux, as more online productivity apps are becoming available and as more companies are moving to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits of online software. As a result, design and development teams are becoming more virtual, meaning that not all members of the team are […]

November Intervals Features and Improvements


We’ve updated, improved and streamlined Intervals to do more and do it efficiently. This November update adds workflows for creating people and contacts, RSS feeds on the home page calendar, incremental options for rounding up time, changing the order of line items on invoices, and a search for closed tasks by date closed. These most […]