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Coming Soon: Card View for Tasks


How the card view will work We’re excited to announce that the new card view for tasks feature is launching soon! Here’s how it will work. Each card represents a task, and cards are grouped into columns based on their current status. Drag and drop tasks from one column to another to change their status […]

Intervals October Update


We have some exciting new features to announce this month. Our latest round of updates introduces checklists, a new task snapshot report, and a new Kanban board. In addition, we’ve made several smaller improvements. Read on to find out more… Task Checklists Task checklists make it possible to create one task containing several to-dos, making it […]

Introducing the Intervals Kanban Board


A new online task management tool using the Agile practice of Kanban. The Intervals team has completed the beta release of our Kanban board. And it’s open to anyone with an Intervals account (Don’t have one? Create one here). Our Kanban project management board is designed to help you visualize task workflow and interact with tasks using […]