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Why Fixed Bid Contracts are Awful for Web Design and Development Projects


The Web design and development industry is often characterized as being on the bleeding edge of technology. Web designers pushing the limits of HTML and CSS  to create new interactive experiences. Web developers bending servers, databases and code to deliver faster web-based apps. The flexibility of the technology powering the web enables us to respond […]

Getting Started with a Web Design and Development Time and Materials Contract


Several of our Intervals customers and blog readers have been asking about our past experience creating time and materials contracts for web site design and development. Questions wanting to know more about contract terms, amount of detail, formatting, delivery, signing, and payment. To help answer those questions, and get you started with a strong foundation, […]

Steal this web design & development maintenance contract


In the nine years we’ve been doing web design & development at Pelago, we’ve encountered just about every type of client you can imagine. But at the end of each project, it’s always the same story. How do we get paid? To start with, we’ve divided our contracts into two categories; specified development contracts and […]