Magento and the Intervals Emogrifier Class

John Reeve | December 2nd, 2014 | , ,

Magento and the Intervals Emogrifier Class

When we originally developed the “Email this Page” feature for Intervals, we faced a significant hurdle. How were we going to combine the HTML and the external CSS into one email so clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Mac Mail, could display the email properly? These email clients do not play nice with external CSS, nor CSS inside the <style> tag.

The only realistic solution was to somehow extract the CSS rules from the external CSS files and insert them into the HTML as inline style. Yikes! We really wanted to include this feature in our software, and through our determination we found a way to make it work. A few months after launching this new feature we decided to release the code as Open Source.

Since then, the Emogrifier source code has been available on GitHub. We’ve been fortunate to reel in a few talented contributors who are keeping the Emogrifier class up to date and adding new features. And just this week, we received word from Magento contributors Classy Llama that it’s now being included in the eCommerce platform, one of the most popular in the world. More specifically, the Emogrifier class is being used to inline the CSS for the Magento responsive email templates.

The documentation about responsive emails can be found here:

We just want to say “thank you” to our Emogrifier contributors on GitHub, and “thank you” to Classy Llama and Magento for including our code for CSS inlining in their eCommerce platform.

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  1. Erik Hansen says:

    For the first six years of Magento’s existence, if a merchant or developer wanted to customize Magento’s email templates, they had to modify inline CSS in dozens of email templates. It was a pain.

    Your Emogrifier class which is now being used by core Magento will allow emails to be customized much more easily since the CSS and HTML for emails are cleanly separated. Thanks for releasing Emogrifier as open source!

    ~ Erik Hansen, Classy Llama

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