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Emogrifer Surpasses 10 Million Downloads


We’re excited to share that the Emogrifer has been downloaded over 10 million times! When we first built Intervals 15 years ago we had to develop several of its components from scratch. The frameworks, libraries, and packages that exist today simply didn’t back then. One such component we developed was a code library that created […]

Magento and the Intervals Emogrifier Class


When we originally developed the “Email this Page” feature for Intervals, we faced a significant hurdle. How were we going to combine the HTML and the external CSS into one email so clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Mac Mail, could display the email properly? These email clients do not play nice with external CSS, nor […]

Emogrifier – Convert HTML & CSS into Gmail Friendly Emails


While working on the “email this page” feature in Intervals we needed to find a way to merge HTML & CSS files into a Frankenstein-like document that gmail would honor. Quick back story — gmail doesn’t play nice with conventionally defined CSS. We came up with the Emogrifier, a PHP utility we are adding to […]