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Import Basecamp™ Data, Invoice by Task Status and More

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The Intervals team has another round of fresh updates and improvements we’re excited to share. The Basecamp™ import utility is officially in Beta, invoices can now be generated by task status, and the Weekly Trends report has been reworked. All these recent updates can be taken for a spin on your Intervals account. Just login to try them out. Don’t have an account? No problem. Simply take a few minutes to click here to setup your own Intervals account and try it free for 30 days. Meanwhile, read on to learn more about the benefits of these improvements.

Basecamp™ Import

The new Basecamp™ import utility is ideal for migrating data to Intervals. Perhaps you’ve outgrown Basecamp™ and need to find a fast way to get up and running on Intervals to see if it’s a good fit. Or you might already be using Intervals and find the need to bring over some legacy data from Basecamp™. The Intervals Basecamp™ import utility will migrate your data for clients, projects, tasks and people, and merge them with your existing Intervals account data.

Intervals Basecamp Data Import Overview

Want to give it a try? Login to your Intervals account and go to Options -> Settings & Defaults -> Import Data -> Basecamp™ Import. Don’t worry about messing things up, the Basecamp™ import can easily be undone with the click of a button. If you don’t like how the data came across, simply undo the import. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to migrate your data.

Intervals Basecamp Data Import

Keep in mind, this feature is still in beta. We’ll be adding more functionality in upcoming releases, such as the ability to import time tracking data.

Invoice by Task Status

Invoices generated by Intervals typically include detailed line items describing the amount of each type of work being billed. Intervals has always included the ability to differentiate these line items by the date the work was completed, the module assigned to the time entries, the milestone under which the work was done, and as finely detailed as which tasks are being billed.

Invoice by Task Status

To round out this functionality, we have added the ability to generate detailed invoices by task status. For example, an invoice can be generated once a task has been set to closed by selecting the “Closed” status. This will pull in all time entries from the defined date range, for only tasks that are closed. This is useful for billing clients only when the tasks to be billed have been completed.

Trends Report

The Intervals Weekly Trends Report has been renamed, truncating it to just the Trends Report. Why? Because we’ve added the ability to define the interval along the X axis of the report. The Trends Report will still default to a weekly interval, however, now you have the option to choose a monthly or quarterly interval as well.

Trends Report Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly Intervals

These updates to the Trends Report give you the ability to spot trends over various intervals. For example, you might want to see how much work has been performed for a client each month last year. Or you may want to analyze quarterly trends for all of your team’s time tracking data the last few years. There are now a large varying number of scenarios that can be generated with the Trends Report.

Miscellaneous Minutiae

In addition to the aforementioned features, we’ve launched a series of subtle improvements and bug fixes. We are constantly working to improve Intervals.

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