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Introducing Xero Integration for Invoices


We’re happy to announce that Intervals now supports the ability to export an invoice to a Xero friendly CSV file. Easily copy your invoices over to Xero by importing the file into the popular online accounting software and avoid entering invoices twice. To get started, click to view an invoice and save it as a Xero formatted […]

Creating Basic Client Invoices with the Project Activity Report


Our online time tracking software, Intervals, includes a versatile set of invoicing tools that allow you to generate a detailed invoice based on your time tracking data and a number of variables, such as date, task status, the person doing the work, and more. And you can use Intervals to send the invoice to your […]

Invoice Alerts


As we continue to evolve Intervals as a holistic project management application we are maintaining our commitment to helping small businesses get paid faster. To ease what can often be a tiresome process, we’ve added invoice alerts. The intent of this feature is to keep the project manager in the loop and to keep Intervals […]