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John Reeve | July 12th, 2010 | , ,

With the recent announcement of our Intervals web-based mobile app for time tracking and task management we introduced a scaled down interface to our online project management software. Given the limited screen real estate available on most mobile phones, the more comprehensive Intervals online software has been reduced to only the essential features needed while on-the-go. Those of you with web-enabled smart phones will find it easy and convenient to start timers in the middle of meetings and assign tasks while waiting at the bus stop. But, what if you simply want to experience the scaled down version of Intervals without requiring a mobile phone?

The great thing about our new web-based mobile app is its versatility. Built to run on any web browser, you aren’t restricted to using it on a mobile phone. The slimmed down version of Intervals project management software is available on any web browser. We call it Intervals Mini. All you have to do is append a ‘m/’ to your Intervals URL (i.e. That’s it! Just remember, ‘m’ is for ‘mobile’, and ‘mini!’

Why would you want to run a simpler version of Intervals? There are lots of reasons:

  • It’s a widget-like experience, ideal for netbooks and smaller laptops with lower screen resolution.
  • Tracking time and managing tasks are the core strengths of Intervals. Use the mini version for these tasks and fire up the full version for more comprehensive project management.
  • We’ll be adding basic project management features next. The scaled-down version of the Intervals trifecta — time tracking, task management and project management — will all be available via the new mini mode. Leave the heavy lifting to the full app.

Log in to your Intervals account, throw a ‘m/’ on the end of your URL, and take Intervals Mini for a spin. If you don’t have an Intervals account, go get one. Let us know what you think. We’re still looking for ideas on how to make the Mobile and Mini experience better, and how to best incorporate the upcoming project management features.

7 Responses to “Online Time Tracking & Task Management Using Intervals Mini”

  1. rmlewis says:

    You have managed to put a lot into the mobile app, but…

    Would like to see a top level access to “Add time” on the mobile app similar to Timers. I never remember to start the timers but often want to update the timesheet when on the road (before I forget what I did when I get to the office the next day!).


  2. John Reeve says:

    Thanks for the input. We do have this feature on our list of updates. Glad to hear you will find it useful.

  3. Tom Denholm says:

    I have tried to see how the app works with a Blackberry Curve 8900 using different combinations of website addresses eg with(out) https and with(out) m. None of them work.
    I have a good signal and Java is enabled. Am I doing anything wrong?


  4. John Reeve says:

    We have had some problems with Blackberrys depending on the version. Blackberrys with the 5.0 Operating System seem to work fine but earlier versions of the operating system can be a little hit and miss. To try out the mobile experience please launch the Blackberry browser (or Opera if you happen to have it installed) and navigate to the Intervals domain name where you log into your account. If the site does not load at all we have heard from a few customers that the following items must be enabled:

    *Support JavaScript
    *Allow JavaScript popups
    *Support HTML Tables
    *Support Style Sheets

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