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Jennifer Payne | May 7th, 2009 | , , , , ,

In the past couple of weeks, Intervals has undergone some major improvements, which have hopefully led to noticeable gains in performance and, in the case of the recent across-the-board plan upgrades, value. However, we’ve made a couple of less-noticeable changes recently that ought to go a long way to increasing the user experience.

Use Timers Within Task Popups

tasktimerIf you want to quickly start a timer for a particular task without having to open the task page, all you need to do now is mouse over the task title. When the information box pops up, you’ll have full access to a timer for that task.

Popups were introduced a few months back along with the new dashboard, and they allow you to get a quick heads up about tasks, milestones, and projects. To enable popups, click on the Home tab and click the checkbox that says “Enable extra information.” You can trigger a popup by holding your mouse over a task title.

Select All/None for Multiple Selects

allornoneMultiple select filters were another cool featue released along with the new dashboard. They allow you to filter your dashboard, task list, and reports (along with with a few other places) based on more than one selection criteria.

This most recent update added the ability to quickly check and uncheck all boxes, very helpful for people who want to, for example, view a report by all clients except for one, or view all tasks for except for one or two statuses.

Multiple Task Update

multipleBut perhaps the most useful new feature being added to Intervals is the ability to change a batch of tasks all at once, the same way you can submit multiple timesheets at the same time or delete multiple work requests from the queue at the same time. To use this, simply check which tasks you want to modify, and then select the action you want to perform from the dropdown at the bottom of the task list. With this feature, you can change task status, due date, and priority, as well as close the task.

We’ll also be launching an enhancement to this feature shortly that will allow you to change additional task fields when you filter the task list on a single project.

Down the Road

These are just a few changes we’ve made to Intervals, along with bug fixes, in the past couple of weeks. We’re also busy working on a few big changes that should be ready shortly. The Intervals API is entering its beta stages, and with its formal release we also plan on releasing a desktop widget. If you are interested in beta testing either of these features, please, let us know. You can send an email to and we’ll add you to our list of beta testers.

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