What is Project Management 2.0?

John Reeve | February 3rd, 2009 | , ,

There is so much discussion about Web 2.0, Software-as-a-Service, and Social Networks, that it must leave people wondering… What exactly is Project Management 2.0? The term is subject to wide interpretation, but here is how we’ve defined project management 2.0, and how Intervals fits into this definition.

Asynchronous User Interface
Translation: Fewer page loads and a faster experience

The 2.0 generation of web apps can be distinguished by their ability to behave more like traditional desktop applications. This means they are using technologies like AJAX to reduce the number of page loads and the amount of time the customer spends waiting for data to appear on the screen. The user interface is more seamless, as to accommodate the present workmode the user may be in. For an example using Intervals, if you are filtering through lists of tasks, the application refreshes the task lists quickly without refreshing the page, making it more enjoyable to find what you need.

A Collaborative Atmosphere

These 2.0 hosted tools take on some characteristics of social networks, especially the collaborative aspects. Sharing data across the team not only makes you more efficient, it improves company culture and teamwork. Intervals allows team members to view one anothers task lists and tracked time to encourage this collaborative nature. Collaboration is also achieved through shared documents and notes. The goal is to increase communication and collaboration across distributed groups.

Continuous Evolution

A web 2.0 application is never complete. It must always be undergoing tuning and tweaking, taking feedback from the customers and molding it into an enhanced user experience. As for Intervals, we are constantly incorporating customer’s thoughts and ideas into the interface. And we pledge to continue doing so. Web-based tools that refuse to evolve are still going to be considered 2.0 when the 3.0 revolution hits.

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