Better Time Management Through Time Tracking

John Reeve | December 8th, 2008 | ,

It is commonly accepted that if you want to manage your finances better, the best place to start is tracking them. Even if your expenses are out of control, you are in up to your ears in debt, and you have no savings. You start by tracking everything. The result of this discipline is that you end up with a detailed overview of your financial situation, and you are now more prepared to make some changes. You are on your way to better financial management.

The same can be said for time management. It can be difficult to structure how you should be spending your time if you don’t know where it is going in the first place. Before you start trying to come up with to-do lists, or adapting the latest and greatest time management methodology, consider tracking your time daily with an online tool.

Once you’ve tracked enough time you should start to see patterns that will help you prioritize your time. Time management will become a much simpler process once you understand where your time has been going and where it needs to go. One you know which tasks take hours and which tasks take minutes, you can schedule your day-to-day in a much more efficient manner.

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