Project Limits and Document Storage Increased

John Reeve | September 18th, 2008 | ,

We’ve been listening to your suggestions, and engaging some of you in conversation, to find ways we can evolve Intervals into the best web-based time tracking and task management service for small business. Our primary focus has been the ongoing implementation of feature requests (see our recent road map for more information). However, we have also been hearing that increasing project limits and document storage would be a tremendous productivity boon. So we’ve gone ahead and done so. The next time you login to Intervals you will be able to manage more projects and upload more documents.

Here is a breakdown of the increases per plan:

Top Shelf:
Document storage doubled, to 10 GB.
Document storage doubled, to 2 GB.
Not So Basic:
Ten more active projects (from 15 to 25), document storage increased to 1 GB.
Five more active projects (from 5 to 10), document storage increased to 500 MB.

There is no price increase, just more for your money. If you signup for one of our top two plans, you also get the security of SSL and far more filespace for document storage. With Intervals, we believe pricing should be based on project usage, not the number of user accounts. We thank you for your feedback and hope you find the improvements beneficial to your project management needs.

If you don’t have an Intervals account, click here to get started with your fully functional free 30 day trial. Plans range from $20 per month to $175 per month.

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