The power of “Modules”

Michael Payne | November 22nd, 2006 | , , ,

“Modules” take a little getting used to when you are new to Intervals, but after creating a few projects it makes sense.  Reporting really takes off once meaningful modules are created.  Modules in Intervals are a generic way of saying a “feature” or “phase of a project”.  Since we are a Web Development company our modules typically are things like:  admin tools, content management, ecommerce, database design, etc.  We named it “module” to keep it generic and moldable to any sort of business. 

We recently layered in the ability to run the Cross Chart report by Module.  The Cross Chart Report lets you group information based on two items.  For example, “Who worked on this project?” or “What types of work did we do on this project?”.  With modules you can look at “What features did we work on for this project?” 

Intervals Reporting - Cross Chart

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